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Friday, January 9, 2009

Minor Children Can Suffer Big Injuries Due to Medical Negligence

Minor Children Can Suffer Big Injuries Due to Medical Negligence

When 6-year-old Chance Pendleton came out of surgery for a wandering eye, it was obvious that something was not right. He was crying hysterically, vomiting, and saying I wish I was dead,” his mother recalled as reported in a recent article in the New York Times. The nurse thought that he was just throwing a tantrum. About twenty minutes later, another nurse walked by and the child’s mother beckoned her for help. The nurse checked the intravenous line in the child’s ankle and saw it wasn’t inserted correctly. He wasn’t receiving any medication. She immediately fixed it, bringing relief to the child in a matter of seconds.

Medical mistakes are very common in adults. This has been verified by numerous studies throughout the United States. However, medical mistakes for children are even more common can have even more serious consequences. The actor Dennis Quaid’s newborn twins nearly died after receiving 1,000 times the prescribed dose of a blood thinner. The Institute of Medicine, in a recent report, highlighted the prevalence of medical errors. The agency called on hospitals to further reduce medication errors in children.

Medical Professionals agree that in an emergency room situation, children have to be examined and treatment in a far more aggressive way than adults. And ER mistakes for children can lead to catastrophic injury or death. In 2003, I handled a case against a local hospital. The child died as a result of the ER’s failure to properly treat a child who shortly after discharge died. (See Article)

Experts offer the following tips for parents to lower their chance that their child will be harmed due to medical negligence:

  1. ID Bracelets: Make sure your child has one and that it is worn at all times.

  2. Hygiene: Ask all healthcare providers to wash their hands before approaching your child.

  3. Information: Before a procedure, ask the surgeon exactly what the procedure is.

  4. Knowledge: Schedule a time every day to review with the physician and nurses the medication your child is taking.

  5. Awareness: Keep an eye on catheters and incisions, looking for redness and swelling.

  6. Ask Questions: If your child is sick, make sure there is a pediatric specialist involved.

  7. Talk About It: Express your concerns about a missed diagnosis to the hospital.

  8. Be Prepared: Carry a list of the medications your child is taking.

  9. Double Check Again and Again: Understand why medications are ordered and don’t be afraid to ask to check.

  10. Medicines: Familiarize yourself with all medications your child is taking.

  11. Be Vigilant: Especially if your child is taking multiple medications.

If your child has been injured due to medical negligence, see an attorney who handles medical malpractice cases right away. Time is of the essence. The attorney can begin an immediate investigation to determine legal responsibility for the mistake.

Our firm offers a free initial consultation for medical negligence cases. Call us at 800-632-9230.

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